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Can be installed in upto 20 devices ( mix of Laptop/ desktops/ Mobiles & Tablets)

What's Included?

Cross-Device Antivirus

McAfee LiveSafe™ service protects you from viruses and malware and allows you to easily manage and monitor all the devices in your household.

·         Guard against viruses and online threats

·         Secure an unlimited* number of devices: PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets

·         Locate lost mobile devices

·         Block spam and dangerous email

·         Prevent hackers from accessing your PC

·         Simple Management

Identity Protection

McAfee LiveSafe gives you the power to protect your data and identity so you can avoid the cost and hassle of identity theft and live your digital life confidently.

·         Keep your information safe online

·         Ensure your data is safe for lost mobile devices

·         Share apps safely with who you choose

·         Shred sensitive files on your PC

·         Safeguard your information from risky apps

·         Keep your children safe online

Password Manager

McAfee LiveSafe has a simple and secure solution to password management, McAfee® SafeKey.

·         Manage your passwords on all your devices

·         One password will unlock them all

·         Create unqiue and complex passwords for all your accounts

·         It automatically logs in for you

Secure Cloud Storage

McAfee LiveSafe includes ultra-secure cloud storage, McAfee® Personal Locker, that uses biometric authentication so you can safely store your sensitive documents online.

·         Securely store your documents online

·         Access your sensitive documents on the go

·         1 GB of secure storage that uses your voice and face for authentication

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

When you purchase your McAfee LiveSafe service, you don’t just get the latest in digital protection and security software, you get access to a range of exclusive benefits

·         Free technical support via chat or phone

·         Assistance with questions regarding cybercrime, identity theft and malware via our Security Advisor service




Two-Way Firewall

  • Shut out hackers and prevent malicious software from exploiting your OS or stealing your information

 Network Intrusion Security

  • Find out if someone is stealing your internet connection----My Home Network shows you all connected devices.

Web Browsing Protection   

  • Know if a site your're about to visit is dangerous with Mcafee SiteAdvisor® ---just look for the red, yellow, and green safety ratings.

Can be installed in 20 devices ( Laptops/ Desktops/ Mobiles & Tablets)


Supported Operating Systems


·         Windows 8 (32– and 64–bit)

·         Windows 8.1 (32– and 64–bit)

·         Windows 7 (32– and 64–bit)

·         Windows XP SP3 or higher (32–bit)

·         Windows Vista SP1 (32– and 64–bit)

·         Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

·         Google Android smartphone and tablet 2.3 or later

·         iOS 5 or higher (supported by McAfee LiveSafe SafeKey and McAfee LiveSafe Personal Locker)


Internet Connection Required

·         High–speed connection recommended

Supported Browsers for Anti-phishing

·         Internet Explorer 7.0 or later

·         Firefox 12 or later

·         Google Chrome 6.0 or higher

·         Safari 5 or later

Required for Antispam Toolbar

·         Windows Mail or Outlook Express 6.0+

·         Outlook XP+

·         Thunderbird 5.0

·         McAfee Anti-Spam also supports other POP3 email clients (without SSL) and web accounts


·      McAfee LiveSafe™ (1,148KB)


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